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Acting the Words is Enacting the World
Collaboration with Huong Ngo at EFA Project Space

Acting the Words is Enacting the World is a two week long project in radical education that took place at EFA Project Space in Manhattan in May 2011. Working with a group of 9 young people, the project mobilized Brazilian popular education activist Augusto Boal’s techniques of Theater of the Oppressed to prompt the participants to engage with the economy in a series of intensive workshops, discussions and performances. The two-week long project resulted in an installation of various works created collaboratively with the participants, including a series of video performances, a 'zine about the economy, two audio pieces, a series of screen-printed posters, and a live performance that took place the evening of the public reception on May 26, 2011.

Student participant collaborators include: Evalise Salas, Andrew Persoff, Cindy Liang, Giovanni Martinez, Yvonne Romano, Robert Cipriano, Christopher Ferreiras and Matthew Kim-Cook.

Read the full press release from EFA Project Space here.

The project will be fully documented and presented through an EFA website, which will include video and audio links, day-by-day narratives of how the project unfolded, and reflection responses by the participants. The website will go live in September 2011.