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Founded in 2019, BASEMENT is a provisional artist-run project space located in Chapel Hill, NC that supports experimental and critical art practices. We choose to strengthen and build connections between artists and communities specifically in the regional southeast.

To us, working with artists is not only a singular event but is intended to be a long-term commitment to using our platform to uplift each other. We view our support as an important ongoing investment in building relationships with critical art practitioners from and for our local and regional Southern community.

Jonh Blanco, Sarah Elizabeth Cornejo, John DeKemper, Peter Hoffman, Mike Keaveney, Laura Little, Chieko Murasugi, and Hồng-An Trương

Current Organizers:
Jonh Blanco, Laura Little, Julianne Miao, Chieko Murasugi, Chloé Rager, Hồng-An Trương, Alexa Velez